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Ray Jellison and Frank Kervin Sr. had an idea one evening to hold an American Flag up to the fence near the end of the runway as a KC-135 Refueling plane taxied by. The reaction of the pilot and crew was priceless as they waved back and gave us the thumbs up. They kept saluting the Air National Guard Refueling Wing whenever they could. During a greet with the Pease Greeters they had another idea: they would leave the greet early as the troops were boarding the plane and head to the fence. The first time a plane load of troops taxied past it was addicting. They could see hands in the windows waving back. Frank and Ray continued doing this even at night, holding the flag up with the lights of their trucks lighting up Old Glory.

One snowy night the duo was up by the fence and they noticed brake lights out on the road. “Uh oh I hope it’s ok to be up here in the middle of the night” said Ray. It happened Al Weston, the Airport Maintenance Manager was on his way home and noticed the truck lights, backed up, came up to Ray and Frank and asked, “Who are you crazy guys out here in a snow storm waving a flag in your headlights?” They turned around just as Al said, “Oh it's you two!” He took a picture and drove off.

Slowly word spread and more and more people would show up and wave to the planes with troops. As more people came so did the number of flags.

Our first generous donation was 20 flags on poles from the NH Patriot Guard Riders.  Kathy Holland suggested we call ourselves the Fence Force.  As the membership grew the ideas and displays of patriotism became more sophisticated. New ways to temporarily mount and secure banners and flags to the fence helped brighten the patriotic pride of the group. Eventually lights were added to illuminate the display of patriotism. The means to transport all the equipment grew out from a pick-up truck to an elaborately decorated box truck.

As of today the Fence Force has evolved into a very dedicated group of patriotic people that will show up at all hours of the day and night, in all kinds of weather, all year round to show our appreciation, love, and respect to our veterans that give up so much of their lives to protect us.


The Fence Force Flagline welcomes all people passing by our events. The Fence Force has grown to become the “Fence Force Flagline”, not only waving flags at the fence but branching out in the community to display the Red, White and Blue to honor veterans and their families. We have lined the streets for Wreaths Across America, support Toys for Tots with volunteers and welcomed and honored veterans through flag lines.

Our Mission:

  1. To be available to honor and assist our veterans showing them appreciation for their service to our country.

  2. To support our veterans with displays of patriotism and raise awareness of gratitude.

  3. To display patriotism for our veterans with flag lines at civic and veterans events.

  4. To give assistance to veterans with whatever means available.


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